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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a Pedigree Resource File CD?
PRF CDs are sold in sets of five and volumes of 25.
There are two ways to order a PRF CD:
  1. If you do not already know which CD contains a missing branch of your family tree, you must first search for an ancestor. Once you have found your ancestor's Individual Record, select Order this CD Set now. Detailed instructions to order your CD Set from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be provided. An option to order a PRF Volume is also displayed.
  2. If you already know the PRF CD Set or Volume number you wish to purchase, select Product Catalog at the top navigation bar and click on the CD Set or Volume of your choice. Detailed instructions to order PRF from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be provided.
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What are the system requirements to run Pedigree Resource File?
Your computer system must meet the following requirements to install and run Pedigree Resource File properly.
  • IBM or 100 percent compatible
  • Microsoft Windows® 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
  • Pentium® processor
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 10 MB hard-disk space
  • VGA or compatible display with 256 color-capable video card
  • Windows compatible printer
  • CD drive (4X minimum)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher (required for the Preview and Publish to PDF features)
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Do I need to buy additional software to run Pedigree Resource File?
No, all PRF CD Sets include Progeny Family ExplorerTM for CDs which allow users to search, view and print family trees without any additional software.
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Can I use PRF as my primary genealogy software?
Pedigree Resource File is a collection of family trees submitted by people wishing to share their genealogy. With PRF, you can search through a steadily growing database of names to find your family tree. However, PRF cannot be used to enter your own family history information. A genealogy database software program, designed for entering and preserving your data, is required.

There are many examples of family tree software available in retail stores and online, including but not exclusive to: Personal Ancestral File (PAF), Legacy Family Tree, Ancestry Family Tree, Family Tree Maker, Ancestral Quest and Heritage Family Tree Deluxe.

Personal Ancestral File is a trademark of Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Ancestry Family Tree is a trademark of, Inc.
Family Tree Maker is a registered trademark of, LLC
Ancestral Quest is a trademark of Incline Software, LC.
All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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How do I search for my ancestors?
To begin searching for your ancestors, enter at least a surname in the search field titled "Last Name". You can also include first name, and names of parents as part of your search criteria. Or, you can go to the Advanced Search page and include other information such as spouse, date, place and submission number. Once you've entered your search criteria, click the Search button to display the results.

Tip: Women are usually recorded in Pedigree Resource File under their maiden name. When searching for female ancestors, try searching using maiden names.
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How are search results displayed?
When individuals who match your search criteria are found in Pedigree Resource File, results are displayed on a separate results page. This page can include up to 200 names. If there are more results than can be displayed on one page, the next link at the bottom of the list will become active. After you've clicked next, you can always return to the previous page by clicking the prev link, located at the bottom of the list beside next.

To view more detailed information about an individual in your results list, click on the person's name. The Individual Record will be displayed in a new page, and can include life events, spouse, parents, submitter information and submission number. You will also find the PRF CD number on which the individual is recorded, along with their PIN (Person Identification Number) for that CD.
Why do I see duplicate listings of the same ancestor?
Finding duplicate records of the same ancestor is very common in PRF. Usually this means that branches of your family tree have been submitted by more than one individual who happens to share your ancestry. These family trees may contain multiple generations of ancestors all lineage-linked to your family tree, including missing lines that you may still be researching. Finding duplicate records is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with other family historians--see the Individual Record page to contact the submitters of each family tree and collaborate in your genealogy research.
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How do I narrow my search?
To make your search more specific, use the Advanced Search. You will be able to narrow your search by entering information like spouse, date, place and submission number.
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How do I search for children of the same parents?
To search for children of the same parents enter the father's first and last name as well as the mother's first name (mother's last name is optional). A list of all children for these parents will be displayed.
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What is a submission number and how is it useful?
Each family tree published in Pedigree Resource File is assigned a submission number. All ancestors and descendants of a family tree share the same submission number. This means that you can search by submission number and view all of the people in that family tree.

To quickly find a submission number, find an ancestor and go to that person's individual record. Scroll down to Submission Search section and you'll find the submission number to the right. If you click on that number, it will take you back to the Advanced Search and automatically insert the submission number. Click on search and you'll see all the individuals from that family tree listed.
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Why can't I find myself?
Information about living persons is not available in the on-line search. Names of living persons may be included in the PRF CDs along with lineage information; however, to protect the privacy of living individuals, information such as life events will not be available.
Why can’t I find my ancestors?
The Pedigree Resource File collection of family trees does not contain all genealogy records that exist today. There is no such collection currently available anywhere. If you are unable to find your ancestors at, please try again because the collection continues to grow by approximately 1000 family trees each month as people submit their genealogy to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for publication in PRF.
Does PRF include genealogy records from the UK and Europe?
Yes, PRF contains ancestral records from all around the world. Since many submitters trace their family heritage to the United Kingdom and Europe, there are a large number of British, Scottish, Irish, German and Italian genealogy records. Since a large majority of submitters are from the United States, PRF CDs also contain millions of American genealogy records.
What is a pedigree?
Pedigree means any of the following: a family tree; a list or line of ancestors; lineage or a line of descent. Hence Pedigree Resource File is a collection of pedigrees or family trees.
What is genealogy?
Genealogy is the study or investigation of lines of descent or the study of pedigrees. Genealogy is commonly misspelled as geneology, genology, and genelogy.
How do I begin my genealogy research?
The best place to start is at home. Ask family members about relatives and look at family records such as journals, a family Bible, letters, birth announcements, obituaries and other records. Fill in a pedigree chart, either on paper or with the assistance of a genealogy software program. There are many programs available online to help you draw a family tree. Select some ancestors whom you want to research and find your ancestors free of charge at Once you have found an ancestor, order the PRF CD from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to view and print the entire family tree and merge those family history records into your own genealogy software program.
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Other Genealogy Sites
These genealogy websites may assist you with your family history research. We’ve listed a variety of websites including those representing genealogy software products and services, genealogy directories, as well as other online sources of family history records. This list of genealogy websites will continue to grow so visit often.

Why should I submit my family tree to be published in PRF?
Share your ancestral records with fellow genealogists worldwide and help others build their family trees by submitting your family tree for publication in Pedigree Resource File.

When you submit your genealogy records to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, your family tree will be preserved for years to come at the Church's Granite Mountain Records Vault southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA- the largest genealogical record repository in the world. Talk about a backup copy!

Submitting your genealogy records is a great way to publish your family history to share at reunions and other family events. But don't wait until you have finished your family tree, because a family tree is never complete. Submit your records now and once you have researched more ancestors, simply submit again.
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