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How to order your PRF set
Pedigree Resource File DVD Discs are sold by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at a cost of $13.00US (shipping included).

Instructions on how to place a toll-free call are listed below. Please print this page for your reference when you make the call - and be sure to read the computer requirement information further down this page.

All PRF Sets are bundled with a Master Index that lists all names from PRF set #1 to the most current disc in your PRF set. Use the Master Index to search even more lines in your family tree.

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Computer System Requirements for PRF DVDs
• Pentium processor or higher
• Windows 2000, XP, Vista or higher operating system
• 32 MB RAM minimum (64 recommended)
• DVD-ROM drive
• VGA monitor with 256-color- capable video card
• 30 MB hard-disk space
• Windows-compatible printer

No Internet connection or additional software are required to run Pedigree Resource File, unless you choose to preview or publish to PDF. You'll then require Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® version 4.0 or higher.

Call now to order Pedigree Resource File, Set 40, Disc 140 & Master Index

Price: $13.00US (shipping included)

If you are calling from the United States or Canada:
  1. Dial 1-800-537-5971
  2. Select your preferred language
  3. Choose option 4 (ordering material for Church units or for personal use). If calling from Canada, choose option 1.
  4. Operator will ask you if you are placing a Unit or Personal Order. This is a Personal Order.
  5. Provide your name, mailing address and phone number.
  6. Operator may ask you if you are ordering from a catalog or mailout. Answer No.
  7. Order Item # 50379000
  8. Price of $13.00US will be confirmed. This price includes shipping but applicable taxes will be added.
  9. Provide your credit card information to the operator. Ask for a confirmation order number.
  10. Operator will tell you when your PRF Set should arrive.

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