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What is Pedigree Resource File?

PRF, or Pedigree Resource File, is a rapidly expanding collection of family trees submitted by people worldwide to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). The Church publishes these family trees in CD and DVD sets and sells them at cost to help people like you discover and share your family history.

PRF currently contains names; however, the collection continues to grow as thousands of people submit their family trees each month. PRF was initially sold in sets of five CDs with each set containing approximately 5000 family trees, totaling over 5-million names. Now PRF is sold in DVD-ROM sets containing as many as 5-million names., an independently-owned website, allows you to search these PRF records online so you may first find your ancestors for free before you decide to purchase a set.

Can I find the same information on-line?
As the PRF collection grows, so does the on-line database. This on-line database contains the same people, but it does not include more detailed information such as notes and sources that are included on the CDs and DVDs. So while you may search for your family tree for free online, you’ll need the PRF CD or DVD Set to view and print entire family trees as well as see full family groups with siblings and cousins. You can use the GEDCOM export feature to merge the family history records you find with your own genealogy file - a quick and easy way to build your family tree!

What else is included on the PRF CDs and DVDs?
With the enhanced searching capability included in the PRF Sets, you can find individuals, view their family information and navigate through their family tree within seconds. There is no need to be connected to the Internet and no additional software is required. The information you find on the CDs and DVDs can be viewed or printed in a variety of family, ancestor and descendant reports and charts. Starting with PRF Set #10, you can even publish the information you find to a web site, or email your charts and reports to a friend!

Merge the family information you find into your own genealogy database, using the handy GEDCOM export option incorporated in the PRF CDs and DVDs. Collaborate with other genealogists using the submitter's name and contact information included with each family tree. Explore even more family lines simply by searching the PRF Master Index bundled with each PRF Set. The possibilities for furthering your research are endless!

Share your family tree
Share your ancestral records with fellow genealogists worldwide and help others build their family trees by submitting your family tree for publication in Pedigree Resource File. You need not be LDS to submit your family tree-in fact, most submitters are not members of the Church.

When you submit your genealogy records to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, your family tree will be preserved for years to come at the Church's Granite Mountain Records Vault southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA- the largest genealogical record repository in the world. Talk about a backup copy!

Submitting your genealogy records is a great way to publish your family history to share at reunions and other family events. But don't wait until you have finished your family tree, because a family tree is never complete. Submit your records now and once you have researched more ancestors, simply submit again.
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