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"Within seconds I found my grandfather's forefathers and their families dating back to the 1600s in Germany. Genealogy records that would have taken me a lifetime to locate were immediately available on a single CD." -- Susan Pelton, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Finding ancestors is easy. Simply enter your ancestor's name in the form below. Want to know more about our free genealogy search? See How to search for your ancestors. Looking for a more sophisticated search of your family tree? Click on Advanced Search for more search options.

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Once you've found your ancestor, order the PRF Set that contains this branch of your family tree. More about PRF Sets

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Use the PRF Set to research, build, and share your family tree. Also, download a FREE copy of the PRF User Guide to fast track your genealogy research.

Where do these genealogy records come from?
Every month, thousands of people worldwide freely submit their family trees to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church then publishes these genealogy records in a growing collection of CDs and DVDs called Pedigree Resource File., an independently-owned website, allows you to search these same records online so you may first find your ancestors for free before you decide to buy the set. More about PRF

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